All entries for AIGA 50 must have been designed by firms or individuals in DC, Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia. In addition, all entries must have been first published, printed or circulated between Jan. 1, 2016, and Dec. 31, 2017.

The designs may have been created for clients in any market. This competition is limited to commercially produced printed, narrative, and interactive media, and considers the design of complete units only, except as noted for covers. 

Entries are judged on the overall effectiveness of the design solution and the design brief, without regard to category. Any pieces that were created in a speculative manner are not eligible for this competition.

Before you begin the online submission process, please have the following information and materials ready to make the application process go quickly.

  • Your contact information for registration and notification
  • Company/creator name
  • Client
  • Entry title
  • Category
  • High-resolution digital photos, comps, screenshots or URL of entry
  • 100-word description of project goals, objectives and notable challenges

Dates and Deadlines

The entry window is now closed. All entries must have been submitted online by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 23, 2018. 

Judging takes place in March, and winners will be notified by email. Awards will be given to winners present at the AIGA 50 Gala, or mailed to each winner following the event. All winners will be included in a special gallery on the AIGA DC website.

Cost of Entry

The cost to enter work varies by the number of entries, campaigns or series you submit for judging. The cost is discounted for members of AIGA, so join us today! 

When submitting one to three total entries:

  • $50 per piece for AIGA members
  • $65 per piece for non-members

When submitting four or more total entries:

  • $40 per piece for AIGA members
  • $55 per piece for non-members 


AIGA DC believes that good design transcends all labels, so our competition does not judge based on category. However, in efforts to better organize the judging process for the sheer volume and breadth of creative works, we ask entrants to identify their work into one of the following three categories:

Print and Traditional

Branding and identity design, packaging, annual reports, booklets and brochures, direct mail, invitations, posters and publications, infographics, posters, iconography, typeface design.

Digital and Interactive

Websites, motion graphics, web and mobile apps, digital ads and campaigns, video, animation, cartoon shorts, digital books and magazines, interactive data visualization.

Environmental and Experiential

Environmental graphics, exhibition design, three-dimensional objects, POP displays, wayfinding, interactive advertising and sales presentations, event and video installations. 

Describing Your Work

Each submission must include a brief description (100 words or fewer) that answers the three questions below. Judges will review this information in conjunction with viewing the work. The information provided may be displayed with the winning entries.

  1. Who was the intended audience?
  2. What were the goals and objectives for this project?
  3. Were there any notable challenges to overcome?

Rights Release

By entering the competition, you acknowledge AIGA DC’s right to display the accepted material in the exhibition, publications or online. AIGA DC also reserves the right to use accepted material for additional promotional and/or informational materials.

After Acceptance

If your work is one of the AIGA 50 winners, you will be asked for complete information about those who participated in the entry’s creation. 

You will be required to send us two physical copies of your entry to use in the exhibition. If your entry is electronic, environmental or oversized, we will work with you to determine the most appropriate way to display the piece in the exhibition and on our online gallery. 

One AIGA 50 Award will be presented for each entry our judges select for the exhibition, and certificates will be presented to all those who contributed to the creation of the entry.